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Pops Article 2



Article 2: Pops Fernandez
Pops Answers Some Questions

By: Leah Salterio Gatdula

Pops Fernandez had to call the attention of her estranged
Martin Nievera to tone down his spiels in the second night
of his concert last Saturday at Fold Arts Theater.

On the First night of
Martin's concert, Pops learned that Martin made one
insinuation too many about their botched marriage, their annulment and even
the p150,000 monthly alimony
Pops was demanding in her petition.

Pops knew their kids-Robin, 12 and Ram, 8-were watching last Saturday,                                       she deemed it necessary to call Martin that morning and request him to stop referring to her.

"I heard that every gap on the Friday show was about me,"
Pops said.
"I was really hurt that he had to make fun of our marriage. To him,
that might be a joke. He was always pairing about our marriage and
telling people the chances that I never really gave him."

People might find it amusing, but I don't So I told him, 'If only for your kids,
stop saying my name.' He had to be reminded that the kids are still very hurt
and they are still going through a lot."

Although she was invited to the concert,
Pops said she purposely did not show
up at the FAT.

"I felt it was not the right time to go. People might just misunderstood me.
But I even wished him luck before the show. I was sincere in supporting him.
I wouldn't have come out on 'ASAP' to song with him if I wasn't sincere. I
really want to go out of my way to be his friend for the sake of the kids."

Pops points out she is not looking for Mr. Right, even after she has filed her
Petition for annulment. I'm not looking for a perfect man. There's no such

And if ever she finds a new guy
, Pops said Martin should not have anything to
do with her romances in the future.

At the moment,
Pops simply wants to concentrate on her acting career,
aside from TV hosting.

When she headlined the mini-series, "Nagmamahal Pa Rin Sa Yo" on ABS-CBN,
Pops went a little daring by figuring in a kissing scene with Albert

She frowns on the report that
Martin had to confront Albert after she did
the kissing on TV. "I'm only trying to to be a mature actress,"
Pops said.

Pops is set to go bolder on the big screen when she stars opposite
Richard Gomez in Viva Films' drama, "Linlang," which also topbills sexy
star Joyce Jimenez, to be directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes. It's
first movie in nine years.

On the talk that
Martin is fond of Joyce, Pops remarked: "Matagal na
siyang babaliw sa iba. Joyce is just icing on the cake. She's the more
popular choice now because she's the fantasy of every man."

Aside from acting,
Pops also soars in her recording career. Her second
album for star records, Nagmamahal Pa Rin Sa Yo," recently turned gold.
She signed up a new contract with Viva records.

Written by Leah Salterio Gatdula who runs
a column called "SHOWBIZ TIDBITS" in the Philippine Inquirer.

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