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" U  WISH ! "


Regine's   Room . . . ha !

" As  If..."


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Aba. You're lucky I had one shot. after all.

Nice room Regine. All it needs now is a laptop and net connection.


web page by: The Band Room & MusicMan


To Pops Fernandez Web Site

To Regine's Picture Page Preview Part I

To Regine's Picture Page 3 Web Site

Regine Velasquez in BLACK & WHITE

Regine Picture Page 2


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-Have a Happy & Musical Day Friends-







Thanks to Pops for not complaining about us using
some of the web space to put up a Regine web site.

A definite thanks to my dog for putting up with waiting for me
as I took forever to finish a page. He only had to wait a week this time for supper.


And thanks to Regine Fans.
Without you guys I would be just telling jokes to myself.
And that wouldn't be funny...