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Kuh Gallery 2




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Kuh Ledesma was in a class all by herself
for more than a decade!


And one of the few artists
who's music is as timeless as she is.



A   R e a l  C l a s s   A c T

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Kuh is also a Spokesperson for Amway's special new make-up.

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And also their cover/girl model. Yea.
Any free samples for my sisters?
and my aunts and my cousins
and that girl at LTO...(my license pls!)


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Kuh with another model-'Ingrid' at Amyway's HQ.


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Kuh speaking at probably one of Amyway's conventions.
Kuh was named Amyway's 'Filipina Face of Artistry'
Alright, Kuh!


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A trip to Davao for our Diva
and a big welcome for her
last March '99.


Kuh Gallery 3

Kuh's Contents

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' The Kuh Ledesma Gallery '

" Where her beauty inside is the other work of art "