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Kuh Gallery 4




-Magazine Cover-

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This mag was passed around to everyone in the group
because of the article, 'can men & women be friends'.
We try to push one policy in our office- no affairs
between managers and artists. It worked out pretty good.


Did you know that kuh was one the the first artists
to include Regine in one of her shows back in the late 80's?




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It took a while but its great to see Kuh work and share the stage
with other artists like Regine and Pops. But there was a time it
wasn't done at all. Now you can hardly expect any of them to do
one without asking one or the other. But will we ever see all three
in one show? Now that would be interesting.


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The past Diva tours with the present one.


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Have you ever saw Kuh & Regine in concert? Galing no? I go crosseyed watching them both.