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Web Sites for Teenage Girls:
( Diaries, boys, pen pals )

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Girls World Online Club


Girl Zone Web Magazine




SmartGirl Internette

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The Band Room's tribute to
The Philippines First Diva Superstar
K U H   L E D E S M A

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A small picture tribute to the Lady
with a large legacy.


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Hear some Real Audio of Pops


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GIF JuNk YaRd!




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Our favorite Philippine based search engine!

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EDSA is another good Philippines Search Engine.

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No Silly Gimiks here.




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Greetings Music Fans!
It's the special event for choosing & honoring outstanding web sites made by
Filipinos. It's a chance for fans to get involve and support our pinoy webbers.
And we are so honored to even have been nominated among such outstanding works of
art & creativity. Check them out especially the music category where we get to
share some spotlight with Pops Fernandez herself and her own official web site.
Do you know where to go for it? Just click below.

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Large data-base of Philippine Information..

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And where we are happy to be linked !



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The Best Philippine Music Source


And if you like to see more selected links and musical URL's:


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