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Looks like Pops was in Retro before it came in fashion. Nice.

pops6 (resized).jpg (20358 bytes)

Now let's see how it looks without the inside dress.
Just let me make sure my doctor is near by
to check my blood pressure first.


looks like a job for Supergirl!

pops7 (resized).jpg (40975 bytes)         tolabsoposawe.gif (9557 bytes)

Is that a cape she's wearing?
Pops would have definitely made a better
BATGIRL than Alicia Silverstone was.


        popswonmom4.gif (7083 bytes)     nieveras (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (24985 bytes)


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Special thanks to Alma dela Cruz. You're a sweet-heart. Just like Pops.

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