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Concert Posters/Album Covers 


qopcover (resized).jpg (28076 bytes)

Thanks Yushy




             alb-pop1.jpg (6911 bytes)              alb-love.jpg (9173 bytes)            

                             My first Pops Album            My second Pops Album



 alb-awes.jpg (6540 bytes)               alb-parin.jpg (10085 bytes)

                                   my 3nd & 4th Pops Album       Pops 1999 release!
                                    (the tape broke)



                                                           conpost89 (resized).bmp (175878 bytes)

They had some of the best looking posters!



                                      1999_us_tour_poster.jpg (17605 bytes)

                                      Pops 1999 Concert Tour Poster

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