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C O N C E R T  P O S T E R

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Look what I found digging in my old band room! It was held at the former ULTRA on Feb.12,1994. Note that the poster was made with a Baseball Game theme to it. The title 'Team Love' is in a baseball square and Pops seems to be wearing a Baseball type shirt on. And the color poster is in baseball colors which so happens to be the color of a Pepsi can. hehe..Looks like Pops is about to make the official pitch and toss out the first ball. (Amazingly it looks like a Pepsi can.)


Glamour has a face

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An old picture I had in one of my band scrapbooks.
I don't think she was heading for the concert hall dressed like that.
Must have been a power lunch.



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Pops Fernandez with Albert Martinez. What a cool dude.
Volunteering to pay for the chit like that. hehe...
Actually they were at a movie premiere.



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Have you ever attended a Pops Concert?
I must say, sometimes the excitement can be as wild as a NBA finals game.
You can go deaf temporary sitting in the wrong spot.
And the way the audience respond to her rapport is just fantastic.
I caught myself dancing in my seat like everybody else a few times.  

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