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Regine's Picture Page Preview II



B                                                                                                     Greetings Music Fans-

The Regine preview pages were originally made to preview our coming new Regine web pages. There were several delays in releasing some of the web sites and we didn't want Regine fans to lose interests so we created two preview sites to get their appetite going for new material. But it turned out so many of the web sites pictures were being shown in the preview sites that we wanted newer pictures to show. 'Newer' meaning pics not seen anywhere on the net on the Songbird.

But the preview sites took a life of their own and can now be considered mini web pages with their own merits. Like Musicman J says, "The more Regine sites the better". She deserves it. And at the rate we fans are making them I say it'll be sometime this year when she'll be the new Cyber-net Queen. The Filipino artist with the most fan made web pages ever! She may have even reached that point already. And if she gets a recording deal in the US then expect an explosion of web sites all about her even more. I hope you like this one. Part 2 Preview page contains a lot of great concert shots of Regine's tour '99 to the US. And she left a lot of fans inspired that they become independent web makers for her now too. And may the rest of the world hear the source of our musical joy someday too.


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R E G I N E   S I T E


R E G I N E   S I T E 2

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Music fans who makes a Regine web page can get it previewed here.
We'll even help get it marked on several search engines. Upon your request.


These pictures are the property of the owner.
Any further use outside these sites should
be with permission.
Most were shot in July '99.


*Rexus has made 3 Regine mini-web pages.


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-The Regine Velasquez Picture Preview Pages-
by MusicMan

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