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Regine's Picture Page Preview II




You got time to kill?  This one may take a while to download.

but it's worth it...





How ya like to open your door and find this?

redrawnp (resized).jpg (120246 bytes)

"ok! Regine Ok! I'll get you more gummy bears just stop begging like that please!"

( please don't stop begging I mean. hehe... )

Now I know why Donny Osmond likes the color purple. haha!
She looks uh, GREAT!
Looks really great on Regine.
(almost said she looks like a grape.)

*No animals were killed in the making the clothes Regine is wearing in this picture.
Maybe a few pulled feathers from a purple Peacock but that's all.
However, regarding the animal that's dying in me- that's another matter. (LoL)
I have one rule about dating gee, I forgot what it was...


Oh, what the heck- Regine, what time can I pick you up?                     Off the floor I mean.  :) 


oh-noregine (resized).jpg (16524 bytes)

" whaat's that picture doing on the net?!! " " YUSHY!! "


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to Regine's room in Bulacan

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THANK YOU FOR VISITING Regine's striptease page..I mean preview picture page..hehe... (Just teasing Reg)