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At one time when she was first starting out in the music scene,
I looked at Pops singing career and thought she was kind of like
our own Sheena Easton. Because of her style and the class and grace
she was showing. Because of her independence as a solo artist. She
wasn't yet married nor was she identified as Martin's singing partner.

When they became a team they kind of reminded me as the Philippines
version of Donny & Marie Osmond. Because of their good humor and the
wholesomeness of their shows.

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But while most fans feel their success was due to the way people liked
relating to their relationship and marriage, I was a fan because I got
into the excitement of her live shows. The way she commanded everyone's
attention during her concerts was incredible. Here was an artist who in my
professional opinion was not half as good as the other singers at the time
were like Kuh Ledesma. She wasn't even making hits after hits like Sharon
Cuneta was yet she was the artist everyone wanted to see live and in person.

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It's hard to explain it. Some called it charisma. Others good sound effects
and behind the scenes support. I always played it safe and described her
shows as 'special.' It had to be something special because she was connecting
like no other artist was and she was doing it without having her own hit songs!

I guess it was because she was always honest and sincere with herself
as a performer. But that was mostly just what I thought. The fans
were connecting and relating to something else more personal. They weren't
just connecting to her music. They were also relating to her life.
She was like one of them. A member of their family. And when you feel that
close with a performer especially as long as most fans have, it's not hard
to understand the Pops phenomena.

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And now she's seems to be coming into terms with her success and is doing
what most artists should be getting into. Doing something truly positive
and worthwhile with her celebrity status. Her involvement with 'Children's
hour' is one step into her new direction and frame of mind. It may only
just be the beginning as we see her come full circle with herself. As an artist
and as one of this country's most respected and loved artists. This is definite the best
of times for being a Pops fan. Because this time we know we won't be disappointed one bit.


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