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Success Story




What makes Pops Fernandez so special29.gif (862 bytes) It's in her ability
to get away with everything which comes so unexpected to us.

Few thought that Pops and Martin Nievera could turn Penthouse Live
around when they took over as hosts. Not only did they help make it
a remarkable show in the early '80s, It even figured prominently
in their celebrated romance.

Few believed in her when she focused on conquering the concert stage.
Major concerts often starred the biggest names in music here and abroad.
Pops, then more popular as a host, made a big splash on her first try.
Subsequent outings 'proved beyond doubt' that she is the "Concert Queen".

Recently, while her supporters have Increased, apprehensions still
filled the air when, after putting to rest her acting aspirations
for what seemed forever, she makes a comeback via the ABS-CBN mini-series
'May Nagmamahal Pa Rin Sa'yo'. The reviews were good and encouraging.

Then came the most daring move of all. Her big screen comeback that
raised eyebrows from both the public and industry insiders alike.
The Results? A box office hit while getting some the best acting reviews
of her career for her part as the wife in a deception marriage.
Some thought the movie plot was almost too close to home. Regardless,
it was her intense portrayal that put her among the top actresses today.

Meanwhile musically, she continues to be a dominating force in
the concert circuit. Selling out shows throughout the Philippines
as well as several parts of the U.S. Pops life which had appeared
to look like another sad ending we seen so many times before is
now fast becoming a happy story of personal and professional success.

And she will continue to woe the concert crowd, releasing new albums,
make a few movies, hosting TV shows along with her other TV appearances,
managing her own business venture, writing articles in a weekly
column for a major daily newspaper, all that while raising
two wonderful young growing boys with a new measure of peace
to go along with it.

As Pops story moves on to the next chapter of her life she is starting
to look content, even happy now. And that's pretty much what we all
wanted to hear in the end. Dispite the problems and challenges she
has encountered and the changes she had to make, she still the person
we love so well. She still represents the girl next door who did good.
Her success in overcoming the challenges she faced is one victory of hope
for a better tomorrow to us all.

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Special thanks to Musik Priend for the article.

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