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Favorite Web Sites




The way to measure and judge an artist these days is by their fans. Their 'true' fans. And it says alot about the top 3 female Filipino singers listed here who have several web sites made by their fans. They are considered to be the most talented people in the entertainment industry. But that doesn't say enough. To say they are the most loved is more appropriate. And none are as loved as Pops.  

        neoarule.gif (1971 bytes)neoarule.gif (1971 bytes)

girlneo.gif (27588 bytes)   



The Philippines Queens OF Pop Music (off-line)

       birdies_flower.gif (34537 bytes) -Pops & Regine



The Pop Fernandez Official Web Site

       1999_us_tour_title.jpg (11800 bytes)

site managed by..Aba! Pops Fernandez herself-
now that's awesome...!



Regine Velasquez: The Songbird   (off-line)

       cateyes.gif (1031 bytes) -get that cat out of here!




Regine Velasquez of the Philippines

       phil_flag.gif (7683 bytes)-When ASIA wondered, MusicMan gave no doubt. She's Filipino!



  neodbull1.gif (885 bytes)  Sonny Azurin Concert Site

           sonpops (resized).jpg (6751 bytes)

        -Talented Musician to the Diva's-



Donny  Osmond's   home   page !!

        -OK, Pops.You can stop screaming now...



Marie Osmond's Home Page...

       rose9.gif (1641 bytes) -The truth is when I hear Marie's voice It's like I'm listening to Pops sing.



REgINe VeLaSqUeZ pIcTuRe PaGe 3

      fanann.gif (5765 bytes)- the definite fan page for Regine's electric fans.



  neodbull1.gif (885 bytes) REGINE in BLACK & WHITE

        candle.gif (7440 bytes)  -the fan site that puts you up front personal & private with the song bird.
With actual Regine quotes & biography.



  neodbull1.gif (885 bytes) REgINe VeLaSqUeZ pICtUrE PaGe 2

      -The most beautiful pictures of Regine on the net ...



"Regine In Wonderland"

       pinkroseicon.gif (7504 bytes)-MusicMan catches a moment in time
                with Regine and keeps it forever...



M09d40rv.gif (34127 bytes)

Regine's sister takes over the spotlight for awhile. click here for web site.


womencelebs.bmp (14246 bytes)

Woman  Celebrities  Site


new60.gif (2218 bytes) More Favorite links

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If you liked our much admired 'Favorite Sites' section
then you'll also like the one we made in Regine's web site
That one is 4 pages long. Clink

                          dedicated to my favorite diva Songbirds. may their kind never go extinct.   neodbnr.gif (1602 bytes)