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Kuh Article 2



originally printed in 1994.

K U H   L E D E S M A

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It is a well-known fact that when the Philippines’ premiere pop diva Kuh Ledesma sings, she transforms masterfully all kinds of songs into a lean, energetic sensuality. There is a compelling sense of energy to this artist who has come to grips with her enormous talent. Her strong sensous voice from her Ensalada days to her Music and Magic performances, to being a solo singer and now as an international singing star, has remained undimmed.

When one first listens to Kuh, one feels that the singer has established a continually evolving rapport, although like most artists, the critics pounced on her for being snooty who seldom gives interviews.

"I do not know why they label me as such," she defends herself. "There are times when I do not receive any requests for interviews but when I do, I acquisce to them except when I am preparing for a concert. That’s the time when I do not want to see people because I want to give my all to the concert and learn my songs. In the past, there were people around me and they must have refused requests for interviews because they just want to protect me. But now I am on my own and I can do what I like. Interviews are always welcome."

It was composer George Canseco who first wrote a song specifically for Kuh Ledesma he sees in her a singer of vibrant quality. The song was Dito Ba, which was perfectly in tune with Kuh’s kind of voice. Another song that reminds music lovers of her is Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, because they believe that only the pop diva can give justice to the song.

For seven years, Kuh has been in and out of the country, mostly in Los Angeles where she has also established her niche among our countrymen there. Her last show in the country was with Noel Pointer which was very well received by the musical audiences.

There are two good news regarding Kuh these days. One is that from out of the embers of Music Museum, there emerged a new building which is more modern with improved lighting fixtures and hi-tech facilities. The stage is more spacious and it’s a 700 or so seater.

The second news which will thrill the Kuh Ledesma fans is that she’s staying for good in the country except for a planned tour of the States in November.

The new Music Museum reopened on the 22nd of last month with a show, ACT II. With Kuh herself, with guests Ric Segreto and Kuh’s ten-year old daughter Isabella. Yes, the girl has grown into a lovely spitting image of her mother, quick-witted and at her age is more gregarious and outgoing than her mother was when Kuh first entered showbiz.

"This show will be memorable to me since it will be the first time that my daughter will sing with me on stage. It will also mark the first show at the new Music Museum."

Local and foreign songs will be rendered especially from Broadway hits like Les Miserables (which Isabella will also sing), Cabaret and theme song from animated movies like American Tale, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin and Kuh’s local songs. Act II will go on October 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23.

There was a time when Kuh tried injecting rap into her songs, which her fans and admirers resented. They prefer the mellifluous voice that she has, belting out romantic songs, sung in a flowing sensuous known for, that was what started her on the road to fame and fortune.

In her years of singing, there was a time when Kuh considered one thing which she said " is the biggest thrill of my life," (aside, of course when she got married and when Isabella was born). It was when her fans put up a fight in the controversy about who should be the concert queen.

"I am not after awards or titles," she said to this writer once. "If people bestow titles on me or awards, well and good. I want to sing for the sake of giving pleasure to my listeners. But I was touched and thrilled when my fans collectively in writing threw their efforts on me as deserving of the title. Di ba, nakakatouch?

The Kuh Ledesma of today has reached more authoritative stage of expressing her songs, with a wide range of repertoire, singing them with more verve and warmth that makes listening to her utterly absorbing and refreshing.

May she have more of them in the years to come now that she has returned to the country.

Lina V. Zarandin
Celebrity World, Oct. 17, 1994

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