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Kuh Gallery 7




-KUH & REGINE  "POWER OF TWO" concert ticket-

ticket.jpg (60114 bytes)

Now this is what I call a cool-looking concert ticket!
looks like she ready to paint while Regine looks like a Pirate. (My kind of Pirat
e or Gipsy)


-Two Of A Kind-

kuh_pops (resized).jpg (16631 bytes)

My two favorite ghosts? Boy, are they white.



-Best of Music Friends-

rv&kl.jpg (196313 bytes)

Regine once said that Kuh was one of her idols growing up.
What a trill it must be to be able to work side by side
with her. Regine being a superstar now isn't one to ever
argue who'll get the top billing. Kuh will always be first.
No matter how big you get, without the respect- you're nothing.
And you have to give it before you take your turn to accept it.
Way to go Idols!


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