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Kuh's Family



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Kuh and Louie her hubby. Ex-hubby?
Nah...they'll work it out.




Kuh is really a very personal and private person.
And she works hard to keep her personal life private.
As it should be. She was so good at it I never even
saw a picture of her husband Louie till just last year.

But she was willing to show off her own home recording
studio and it looks pretty good. Not sure if her daughter
still plans to sing like her mother but from the little
I heard of her she sounds alright. She can develop it into
something. But she seems a little smart for her age. She may
go into a career you wouldn't expect her too. She's definitely
a sharp kid. Probably a computer wiz by now.




-Louie's (play?) work Room-

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My oh my...what kool toys that even James Bond would evny.

Looks like me & Louie would have been the best of pals. hehe..
Who says a man can't have nice toys when he grows up?  He definitely
doesn't kid around when it comes to Kuh's recording & career. You
have got to admire them for bringing in the equipment it takes
to make things happen. Some other dude would have just got another
car. Kudos Louie. You're the man behind the woman. Even today I'm sure.



Say, does Pops or Regine come over to jam by any chance?
What's that address again? I like to move next door.
But a folding bed in the recording room would do.



Pics of Pops & Isabella (her twin)

Old Kuh Photos

Kuh's Web Content


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-Kuh Ledesma's Gallery-