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"I never regret anything. I think things happened because we either allow it
to happen or it's the path that we choose. And if it's not meant to be then
it's not meant to be. Life goes on and you're given another chance to live again.
The time comes when you forget and recover, and when you can't, you will be given
another chance to learn again."



"For me,
happiness is how I make
and choose to live my life.
And I am a great believer in life,
in God and in his ways."


"Strength is actually not allowing yourself to fail," 'I'm
weak and I have been weak- but it's okay as long as you don't dwell on the
weaknesses. As long as you know you can still recover, there is still hope."



" My kids are my inspirations.
There are the ones
who have motivated me
to go on with life.
They are the reasons
why I want to become a better person. "


" I know that I've got more heart. And that's why, in everything I do.
I try to touch people's lives. "

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