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To you, my best friend,

Through all these years that you are with me, we have shared very special
Moments. I thank you for being there.... through all the good and the bad
times. Thank you for giving me respect, enough to allow me to make
decisions on my own and believeing that I am making the right ones. And
then if sometimes, I make the wrong moves, thank you for believing that I
can face the consequences.

You have seen me grow up, blossom into a woman and you were there through
all the experiences that I have to go through. Thank you for the pat on the
back when I do great, for the words of encouragement when I feel down, for
the reminders when I am going on the wrong way, thank you for everything...
Thank you for believing in me and in what I can do. You have told me words
which inspired me when I thought no one cared. You have brought out the
best in me when I thought I can no longer give more that what I have given.
I know that you still and will always care but don't worry too much about
me anymore because I know there is Someone up there who cares, not to make
me suffer as much.

Thank you for always being there because I will always be here for you....
no matter what.

And God, thank you for loving me and understanding me.
                                                   -Pops Fernandez


( A message to Pops fans in her special edition of her 'Moments' CD )   



"I know there's always a better world.
Yes, we will always have problems but at the same time,
we're not supposed to be stuck with them.
I want to inspire people in the sense that
I been through this and have surpassed the trials."



"Somehow when you've gone through a lot,
you look back and you realized
you have learned a lot and you have matured.
I thought I was too old
but there's still a lot more to learn."



" Maybe one day somebody will come
who will sweep me off my feet, who will not mind
where I been, who I am, but who will see my real heart."



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