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neoabull1.gif (954 bytes)POPS FERNANDEZ   a n d    KUH LEDESMAneoabull1.gif (954 bytes)

pops_kuh (resized).jpg (80343 bytes)

Suz, these ladies are terribly beautiful!
Definitely get no arguments here.


regnpops2.JPG (53944 bytes)

POPS with Regine Velasquez and another full house in California.

( Why are they laughing every time I stand up?
Isn't Saturday Night Fever suits in style again..?)


regnpops.JPG (65216 bytes)

? HEY... that's not fair Pops! Changing into a short dress while
Regine is still in a long gown."

Looks like they actually do
have friendly competitions on stage after all.
(LoL) Time for
Regine to sneak off and put on her bathing suit.

babytiny.gif (9392 bytes)



Boy oh favorite diva twins

songbirds1-1-93.jpg (16310 bytes)

Regine & Pops in California. Shaking hands. 
Signing autographs. Keeping pens.

Say, Is that cake I see behind them?
Ah, ha! who's idea was it to have this session
at Gold Ribbon cake & Bakery shop? Hmmm?
Judging from your smiles I'd say
it was a joint conspiracy. Share naman.


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