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Pops Photo Album




"Greetings" from MusicMan
and The Band Room's MusicDudes


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- Pops Photo Album -


         1     -Magazine covers

         2     -ConcerT posTers/ Album covers

         3     -Yushy's shoTs

         4     -More shoTs and scans...

         5     -Pops & her boys... ( noT BoyFRiends )

         6     -Black & WhiTe ShoTs/ VIKTORIA's Page/ mailing list info

         7     -concerT posTer and other new shots!

       8    -Award show/ Being interviewed in style.

       9     -Joey Albert's album/ Pops poses/ In concert

        10    -"Cleo-Pop-tra" /Short story from MusicMan.(It's clean)

        11   -couple of new shots from storage.

          12    -couple of new shots from storage.

        13      -PoPs & kUh mAgAzInE cOvEr tOgEtHeR.

          14      -Pops in a blue dress/ Oakland concert poster

       15    -Magazine covers of Pops Fernandez

       16     -More Front Covers of Mazazines with Pops on it.

        17      -Pops Retro dress/ SUPERGIRL (Pops wears a cape)/ with ALL her boys

        18    -The Nievera Family as we known them.

        19    -PicTures oF MarTin and Pops.

        20    -One more cover of Pops & Marty/ not-so-hidden sites doorway.

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There are three additional hidden web pages in this web site. Three celebrities that have a close personal and business relationship with Pops. Can you guess who they are? Oh, don't bother- Just click on the question mark icons and see for yourself.      hehe...


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Hey Dudes. Want a dream date?
Behind each of these question marks
is a singing Diva in need of a true
Which shall it be?

Well Mr. TV host, I'm not too demanding.
so I'll take uh, door number one!

(Oh boy,oh boy)   Hey...that's not Dessa!


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